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Lock Pen System AN 302-70


WEICONLOCK is ready for use and should be applied evenly direct from the bottle/tube with the dispensing tip (avoid direct contact of dispensing tip with metal). On press fitted parts and larger cylindrical assemblies a thin and uniform layer should be applied on both surfaces. In the case of threaded blind holes fill sufficient quantity in the bore hole. On screws and bolts, apply WEICONLOCK around the thread. Do not pour back into the bottle any WEICONLOCK fluid which had contact with metal; even smallest metal particles will cause the content of the bottle to cure. In series construction, the use of manual or automatic applicators is recommended.

Pretreatment of the surface

In general, WEICONLOCK does not require special pretreatment as slightly oily surfaces (e.g. on as received parts) will be tolerated. However, best results will be achieved on cleaned, degreased parts (use WEICON Surf Product Code:AN 302-70 Brand Name: WEICON Germany
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Technical data

Application Locking of threads and stud bolts Features medium viscosity, high strength Colour green For threaded joints up to M 20 R ¾” Viscosity at +25°C Brookfield 500 nt mPa·s Gap filling capacity max. 0,15 mm Breakaway strength (Thread) 28 – 35 Nm Prevailing strength (Thread) 50 – 65 Nm Shear strength (DIN 54452) 15 – 20 N/mm² Handling strength at room temperature 10 – 20 min. Final strength at room temperature 3 – 6 h Temperature resistance -60 bis +150 °C

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