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Utilizing a cost-effective Linux-based CPU, the Power Clipper will give you all the software and motion features from the Power PMAC within a low-cost, embedded solution.

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Motor Servo Control
Extremely fast update rates (Phase and Servo)
Standard PID with full feedforward model
Powerful automatic tuning and analyzer tools
Analog, Pulse Width Modulated (PWM), Pulse Frequency Modulated (PFM), MACRO or EtherCAT Outputs
Vibration suppression filters
Multiple 7th order notch and low pass filters
Adaptive control for varying loads
Cascaded loops (force, height, camera auto-focus control)
Support for custom-written commutation routines
Support for custom-written servo routines
Custom routines directly in C or from MATLAB®/Simulink®

Coordinate Systems / Forward and Inverse Kinematics
Up to70 axes of coordinated or independent motion (8 local, 64 over EtherCAT)
Up to 128 independent coordinate systems
Up to 32 independent axes per coordinate system
Dynamic axes transformations (e.g. offsets, rotations, mirroring)
Forward/Inverse kinematics for non-linear mechanisms
User defined routines convert between tool tip coordinates and actuator positions
Permits direct specification of tool tip path

Trajectory Generation – Motion Programs
Auto-coordination of multiple sets of axes
Linear, circular, rapid, position-velocity-time (PVT), LIN to PVT (curve fit), Spline move modes
Seamless blending between linear, circular and PVT modes
Automatic move until trigger (hardware input)
True S-Curve accel / decel
All move modes supported with user kinematics
Dynamic multi-block lookahead with velocity/acceleration control and jerk limit
Sub-millisecond segmentation time
Negative feedrate for true motion reversal in lookahead
Move block execution rate up to 10,000 blocks/sec
G-code, M-code, and T-code ready
Calculations and I/O synchronous to motion
Tool radius compensation, 2D or 3D
Programmable Logic Control (PLCs)
Access to all registers
Trigonometric, transcendental, vector and matrix functions
64-bit floating-point architecture optimized math
Executive functions for standalone operation
Data gathering of up to 128 hardware/software registers per servo cycle
Program in PMAC Script
Program in ANSI C:
Real time with preemptive kernel routines
General purpose routines
MATLAB®/Simulink® Embedded Coder® generated code
Compensation Tables
Position/torque compensation tables in 1D, 2D, or 3D with rollover and mirroring options
1st/3rd order interpolation between points every servo cycle
Up to 256 compensation tables (64K each)
Support for superimposed compensation table results
Backlash compensation, fixed or in tables
Hardware Position Capture and Compare
Specialized circuitry tying encoder counts to digital I/O
/O on exact count (w/sub-count interpolation) at any speed (within 10 nanoseconds)
For probing, registration, measurement trigger, laser firing

Gantry Control
Follower motor(s) executes
leader’s trajectory
Automatic skew removal on homing
Automatic gantry cross-coupling servo correction
Electronic Gearing and Cam
Powerful master/slave techniques
Position following (gearing) requires no program for motion
External time base (cam) keeps full trajectory flexibility (non-returning, limited reversal, e.g. moving web application)
Up to 256 cam tables (16k points each)
Position/torque profile(s)
Returning, forward/reverse travel
Extremely precise synchronized outputs
Saftey & Other Features
Watchdog output
I2T protection
Encoder count error and encoder loss detection
Plus/Minus over-travel, home, and user inputs
Software over-travel limits
Warning/fatal following error limits
High speed compare outputs
Automatic brake control


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