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WEICON Easy Mix S 50 Sealant

Processing WEICON Easy-Mix products can be processed directly from the double cartridges with the help of the included static mixer. Reject the first 5 cm of the dosed bead. Apply adhesive to only one of the surfaces to be bonded. The pot life given is for a material quantity of 10 ml at room temperature. If larger quantities are used, the curing time will be faster. Similarly, higher ambient temperatures shorten the cure times (as a rule of thumb, every +10°C increase above room temperature will halve working and curing time). Temperatures below +16°C will extend working and curing times considerably, while below about +5°C, no reaction will take place at all. Storage When kept at a constant room temperature of about +20°C and unopened in dry conditions, WEICON Epoxy Adhesives will keep for at least 18 months. Avoid direct sunlight. If these storage instructions are disregarded, the storage life will be reduced to six months. Epoxy resins are fundamentally liable to crystallise at temperatures of less than +5°C. This effect is accentuated by wide variations in temperature such as can frequently occur during transport in winter. This also has a negative effect on working qualities, curing and technical details, although these effects can be reversed by warming up to a maximum of +50°C (no naked flame). In the case of WEICON Epoxy Adhesives, careful selection and combination of the base resins (bisphenol A and F) ensures a reduction of crystallisation. Note Any product specifications and recommendations given herein must not be seen as guaranteed product characteristics. They are based on our laboratory tests and on practical experience. Since individual application conditions are beyond our knowledge, control and responsibility, this information is provided without any obligation. We do warrant the continuously high quality of our products being free from defects in accordance with and subject to our General Sales Conditions. However, own adequate laboratory and practical tests to find out if the product in question meets the requested properties are recommended. A claim cannot be derived from them. The user bears the only responsibility for non-appropriate or other than specified applications. Health and Safety When using WEICON products, the physical, safety technical, toxicological and ecological data and regulations in our EC safety data sheets (www.weicon.com) must be observed.

Product Code:WEICON_003
Brand Name: WEICON Germany

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WEICON Easy-Mix S 50 can be used on numerous materials such as metal, plastic, fibre reinforced materials, ceramics, glass, stone and wood. WEICON Easy-Mix S 50 is suited for quick repair and maintenance work and is ideal for industrial series production with short cycle times. WEICON Easy-Mix S 50 can be used in many industrial sectors

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